Tools and Accessories

QF-178 Portable UV LED light kit
Cures your repair in one minute or less. Includes Flashlight UV Light, Lithium Battery, Charger and Stand.



$ 97.90


QF-177 UV LED Flashlight
The newest and fastest way to cure your repairs and completely portable. Batteries are extra.


$ 37.90


QF-179 Extra UV Light Battery


$ 12.50


Battery Charger for the UV Flashlight Battery.



$ 19.00


Windshield Mount Stand for the UV Flashlight.



$ 18.50


Battery Charger NEW STYLE
Replacement battery charger for Dremel drill. Two different styles - check yours when ordering.


Part No: QF-157

$ 35.00


Battery Pack NEW STYLE
Extra or replacement battery for Dremel drill. Two different styles - check yours when ordering.

Part No: QF-156

$ 35.00


Bull's-Eye Making Kit
Used in long crack repair to create small bull's-eye at end of crack.


Part No: QF-137

$ 9.50


Carbide Tipped Drill Bits
A must when doing long crack repair. To accommodate the bulls eye making needle. Quantity 10

Part No: FG-331

$ 32.95


Carbide Tipped Drill Bits
HP-2 - long shaft bits - Quantity 10

Part No: HP-2

$ 34.95


Carbide Tipped Drill Bits
FG170 - short shaft bits - Quantity 10

Part No: FG-170

$ 32.95


Curing Film
Place over finished repair to harden the resin. Approximately 100 / 1" squares.

Part No: QF-136

$ 6.95


Defogger Tab and Grid Repair Kit
A quick and easy repair to permanently bond rear defogger tabs to the window grid and also to repair a broken line in the grid.

Part No: QF-153

$ 22.90


Injector Assembly
Stainless steel and guaranteed for life, this replacement injector also fits the repair bridges of most of the competition.

Part No: QF-115

$ 195.00


Injector Plunger
Replacement Screw In Plunger for the Injector Cylinder

Part No: QF-161

$ 85.00


Injector Cylinder
Replacement Cylinder for the Injector Assembly

Part No: QF-165

$ 110.00


Injector Funnel
Save time and use less resin. No more waiting until the resin settles to bottom.

Part No: QF-160

$ 1 .95


Inspection Mirror
Placed on the inside of the windshield to watch the resin flow into the breaks.



Part No: QF-130

$ 11.50


Level Screw
Replacement level screw made of steel with a non-scratch rubber boot



Part No: QF-140

$ 9.99


Long Crack Expander
Used on the inside of the windshield to expand the crack to let the resin flow freely.



Part No: QF-134

$ 14.00


On-Off Switch NEW STYLE
Rocker style switch for 115 Volt UV Lamp.

Part No: QF-154

$ 30.00


Plastic Flex Stick
For flexing stubborn star break cracks to fill. Also installing rubber seal on windshields. 1000 other uses. Will never scratch paint or glass


Part No: QF-159

$ 2.50


Quad Silicone "O" Rings
O-ring seal for bottom of Injector - Quantity of 10

Part No: QF-118

$ 18.00


Round Silicone "O" Rings
Round for Plunger - Quantity of 10

Part No: QF-119

$ 16.00


Rechargeable Drill & Charger
Cordless 2 speed Dremel drill. Comes with battery charger, and includes one drill bit and 1/16" collet.

Part No: QF-131

$ 79.00


Repair Bridge
For rock chip and long crack repair. Made of top quality stainless steel, this injector creates incredible pressure. Brass locking suction cup keeps it in place. Beats the competition in quality, price and performance!


$ 325.00


Safety Glasses
Protect your eyes from accidental resin spray. A must when performing chip repair


Part No: QF-155

$ 8.95


Used for removing crushed glass and debris from pit area

Part No: QF-144

$ 12.95


Suction Cup for Repair Bridge

Part No: QF-116

$ 37.50


Suction Cup for UV Lights
Rubber cup and nut.

Part No: QF-121

$ 3.75


Syringe with Blunt Needle
Used for placing the resin into the injector. A must when working on semis or buses - Quantity 1.

Part No: QF-132

$ 3.50


Training DVD
Explains the use of our equipment and the repair of the most common breaks and long crack repair.

Part No: QF-142

$ 9.99


UV Replacement Bulb

These replacement bulbs are white in color but work the same as the purple bulbs that came with your UV lamp.

Part No: QF-126

$ 18.00


UV Sunshade
The resins used in windshield repair are cured by ultraviolet light. This shade allows you to block out the ultraviolet rays from the sun when completing repairs outdoors.

Part No: QF-133

$ 25.00