Windshield Rock Chip Repair Kit - Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield repair kit is very necessary to repair your damaged windshield in time. You need windshield chip repair kit because nowadays, a small rock can put a crack in your windshield. The crack may be barely noticeable but smart people know Windshield Crack Repair should be done as soon as possible.

QUICK-FIX has the solution of your windshield crack repair. With the decades of research and hard work, we have introduced windshield rock chip repair kit. It is not only efficient, and economical but durable. Windshield rock chip repair kit has made through the finest steel. That makes it different from other similar products.

Now you do not need the box of irrelevant tools in the shape of windshield repair kit; QUICK-FIX has solved this problem. Feel free to contact us for a reasonable windshield rock chip repair kit. Our windshield crack repair kit has won the heart of hundreds of clients. Often the windshield crack seems very minor, dirt and water can make it worse. We suggest you to have windshield chip repair kit in your vehicle to avoid further damage. For example, a left alone chip can burst into small cracks. That is very dangerous. Windshield Repair Kit not only ensures your safety but keeps you away from the loss of money.

QUICK-FIX has its network all across Europe, Asia, Canada, and U.S.A. No other windshield repair kit is simple and guaranteed as we offer. Windshield crack repair is very frustrating but we have made it very simple to use anytime. We also provide technical support to our customers.

When a chip takes place, you can easily fix it with our windshield chip repair kit. A chip can grow into a crack if you do not take concern. Our technical support is always available for you if you face any difficulty with windshield repair kit.

QF-1000 - Dual Repair Bridge Repair Kit

Part Number: QF-1000


Our Most Popular Kit

Now you can do two repairs at once.
Contains everything you need for quick, professional rock chip and long crack repairs. Beats out the competition in quality and price.

Includes Training Video


1 Training DVD QF-142

2 Repair Bridges QF-114

1 Rechargeable Mini Drill QF-131

1 Protective Eye Wear QF-155

1 Instruction Manual QF-169

1 Scribe QF-144

5 Razor Blades

1 Bulls-Eye Making Kit QF-137

1 Cream for Suction Cup

1 UV LED Light Kit (Flashlight Style) QF-178

*includes One Lithium Rechargeable Battery Charger and Light Stand

2 Syringes with Blunt Needles QF-132

2 Ultra Thin Resin 30 ml QF-101

1 'C' Long Crack Repair Resin QF-107

2 'A' Resin 30 ml QF-103

1 Pit Filter QF-109

10 Carbide Tip Drill Bits FG-170

2 Inspection Mirror QF-130

20 Quad O-Rings QF-118

10 Round O-Rings QF-119

100 (approx..) Curing Film QF-136

1 Sunshade QF-133

1 Crack Expander QF-134

1 Funnel QF-160

1 Organized Carrying Case

Only $ 1089.00

A $1265. 00 value!

Free Technical Help as long as you own your kit!





QF4000-Professional Repair Kit

Part Number: QF-4000

Now contains the new portable LED UV Light.
Comes with rechargeable Lithium Battery,
Charger and Stand. Cures super fast,
one minute or less.

Contains all of the basic components for
professional repairs.

Includes Training DVD



1 Training DVD QF-142

1 Repair Bridge QF-114

2 Ultra Thin Resin QF-101

1 Pit Fill Resin QF-109

1 A General Purpose Resin QF-103

1 Portable LED UV Flashlight style curing light QF-178

*Comes with Lithium battery, charger and stand

5 Razor Blades

5 Carbide Drill Bits FG-170

15 Quad O-Rings QF-118

5 Round O-Rings QF-119

1 Pit Polish QF-146

1 Scribe QF-144

1 Funnel QF-160

50 Curing Tabs ( approx.) QF-136

1 Protective Eye Wear QF-155

1 Instruction Manual QF-169

1 Training DVD QF-142

1 Carrying Case


Only $ 689.00

A $740. 00 value!

Free Technical Help as long as you own your kit!